Cranleigh Dental Centre
Cranleigh Dental Centre

Independent and Private Pricing

Check Ups

New Patient Exam, Inc.2 small xrays

Regular Check ups, Inc.2 small xrays

Emergency New Patient

Full head xray (OPG)


Preventitive/Hygiene Care

Simple Scale with exam by Dentist

Hygienist Scale and Polish

Childrens Scale and Polish (15 mins)



Amalgam Fillings

Composite Fillings

Complete Tooth Build Up, Inc. pin and post

Fissure Sealants


Root Canal Treatment

Single Roots/Multiple Roots prices range from

Single use Files


Crowns and Bridges

Porcelain Bonded non precious metal

Full Porcelain

Re-cementing Crowns

Bridges 2 units and more



Cosmetic Whitening

At home kits with Pre Surgery Consultation




Starting price depending on case analysis



Adult Extractions Inc. Aftercare

Adult Surgical Extractions Inc. Aftercare

Childrens Orthodontic Extractions



Dentures Chrome or Acrylic

Partial Chrome

Full Acrylic


Cosmetic Braces


C-Fast Treatment per arch

Smile Tru per arch



Prices vary depending on the case, prices above are a guideline and may differentiate from Individual cases. 















From £65

From £95

From £130





From £5






From £820

From £450



From £250













From £715

From £550




From £1800

From £2200



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