Independent and Private Pricing

Check Ups

New Patient Exam, Inc.2 small xrays                  £38

Regular Check ups, Inc.2 small xrays                 £30

Emergency New Patient                                      £50

Full head xray (OPG)                                           £30


Preventitive/Hygiene Care

Simple Scale with exam by Dentist                   £15.50

Hygienist Scale and Polish  (30 mins)                £53

Childrens Scale and Polish (15 mins)                 £26.50



Amalgam Fillings                                           From £65

Composite Fillings                                         From £95

Complete Tooth Build Up, Inc. pin and post          £130

Fissure Sealants                                                 £16.50


Root Canal Treatment

Single Roots/Multiple Roots                        £160-£330



Crowns and Bridges

Porcelain Bonded non precious metal           From £460

Full Porcelain                                                From £520

Re-cementing Crowns                                            £55                                             

Bridges 2 units and more                               From £820                         

Veneers                                                  From £450                               Cosmetic Whitening

At home kits with Pre Surgery Consultation         £250



Consultation                                                          £95

Starting price depending on case analysis              £2000



Adult Extractions Inc. Aftercare                       £85-£120

Adult Surgical Extractions Inc. Aftercare                 £150

Childrens Orthodontic Extractions                           £45



Dentures Chrome or Acrylic                         From £720

Partial Chrome                                             From £550

Full Acrylic                                                   From £650


Cosmetic Braces

Consultation                                                          £100

C-Fast Treatment per arch                            From £1800

Smile Tru per arch                                         From £2200



Prices vary depending on the case, prices above are a guideline and may differentiate from Individual cases. 



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